Arctic Challenge Exercise 2017

The Air Forces of Finland, Norway and Sweden will host multinational Arctic Challenge Exercise 2017 from 22 May to 2 June 2017. More than one hundred aircraft from eleven nations will participate in the air exercise carried out in the airspace over the northern areas of the host countries.

This year's Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE 17) is the third of its kind that Finland, Norway and Sweden have organised together. The exercise conducted every second year since 2013 is this time led by the Finnish Air Force that is responsible for planning and direction of the training event.

ACE 17 provides opportunity to train the large-scale planning and conducting of air operations in a real-like operating environment that involves a wide range of aircraft and forces of modern air warfare.

The ACE17 host bases are located in Bodø in Norway, Luleå in Sweden, and Rovaniemi in Finland.

Finland hosts Norway and Sweden at Arctic Fighter Meet 2018

Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Air Force take part in the Arctic Fighter Meet (AFM) 2018 held at Rovaniemi Air Base from 25 to 29 June.
11.6.2018 | 10.39

ACE 17 Air Exercise Again Fully Carried Out With Success

The last waves of Arctic Challenge Exercise 2017 having lasted nearly two weeks were flown on Thursday 1 June. The exercise comes to an end on Friday 2 June when the foreign participants' aircraft will set out one by one for their home bases.
2.6.2017 | 9.06