Mäkiluoto, Upinniemi and Katajaluoto, Gulf of Finland

Firings notice

Finnish Defence Forces will be firing with naval artillery in Mäkiluoto, Upinniemi and Katajaluoto firing areas November 10 2019 be-tween 09:00 - 21:00 hours.

The danger area is bordered in the north by Vormö - Upinniemi - Hermanskär - Järvö - Katajaluoto, in the west by Vormö - Bågaskär - Finnish territorial waters, in the south by Finnish territorial waters and in the east by Katajaluoto - Ulkomatala - Finnish territorial waters.

The firing is carried out by Coastal Fleet.

For more details, call 0299317100 or on VHF channel 16.