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Finnish Defence Forces participate in an exercise in Sweden

Defence Forces
Publication date 4.9.2023 19.31
Press release

The Finnish Defense Forces and the Swedish Armed Forces are training together in Sweden from 4 to 6 September 2023. The exercise is part of the deepening defense cooperation between Finland and Sweden. The main purpose of the exercise is to develop the cooperation ability of the troops and to train the quick executive ability.

The size of the unit participating in the exercise from the Finnish Defense Forces is about a company. The main part of the exercise group consists of personnel and conscripts from the Nyland Brigade's readiness unit.

Defense cooperation between Finland and Sweden has been developed in various ways for decades. Further deepening the cooperation capability will allow for the improvement of activities and capabilities that support both countries. Training together ensures that Finnish and Swedish forces are ready and capable of executing joint operations. More information about FISE cooperation