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Air Defense Training on the Ground and in the Skies

The Air Force Academy is the sole Air Force unit with a primary educational and training role, and in that capacity it provides university-level military education. We train active duty personnel, conscripts, and reservists for a wide range of air defense specialties.

The scope of the training is wide and caters for nearly all functions of the Air Force. Our modern facilities serve this purpose perfectly. Our staff and organization endorse the principles of continuous development and are ready to accept any challenge in a constantly changing operating environment. We keep apace with the fielding of new methods and technologies while working in close cooperation with the research and education establishment in our region.

For an outside observer, the most visible facet of our daily work is Grob primary trainers and Hawk fast jets in which our student pilots take to the skies on a daily basis. In addition to flight training, we deliver specialty training for surface-based air defense, aircraft maintenance, communications, air surveillance, and force protection personnel, and for fighter controllers and military vehicle operators. Training on most of these specialties is available for conscripts.

One of our subordinate units is the Air Force Band, a modern, innovative, and flexible group that has its finger on the pulse of the time and is well integrated with the surrounding society. The band is fully capable of producing music that meets the demands of our service and in its part maintains the honorable traditions of the Air Force.