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Enabler of Safe Military Aviation

The Military Aviation Authority, Finland (FIMAA) oversees and regulates military aviation in Finland.

Our core tasks are

  • Certification of new military aviation capabilities for the Finnish Defence Forces
  • Developing and maintaining up-to-date military aviation regulations in support of national operations and international interoperability
  • Certification of airworthiness, training, maintenance and overhaul, design and production organisations supporting the Finnish Defence Forces
  • Recognition of international military airworthiness authority 
  • Promoting safety in military aviation
  • Flight safety investigation in military aviation

Our vision

  • FI MAA is a professional, widely recognised and highly valued enabler of safe military aviation.

Our mission

  • To enable safe military aviation while maintaining operational goals
  • To promote the safety of military aviation
  • To enable integration of civil and military aviation, considering the needs of military aviation
  • To promote the harmonisation of international military aviation regulations and interoperability 

Our values

  • Neutrality and impartiality
  • Responsibility
  • Professionality
  • Safety

Our organisation

Military aviation safety management

  • Oversight of the Safety Management System of military aviation 
  • Promotion of flight safety
  • Investigation of accidents and severe incidents in military aviation
  • Training of accident investigators and investigation staff

Flight and Base Operations

  • Military aviation regulations concerning safety of military aviation, including

    • air traffic management
    • flight procedures
    • contracted aviation services, such as training, aerial photography, target towing
    • air base structures and rescue
  • Oversight of air operations
  • Permits and licenses for contracted services and pilot training

Technical and Systems

  • Military aviation regulations concerning certification, airworthiness and safety, including    

    • military aircraft registry
    • type certification of air vehicles (incl. UAVs) and command and control systems 
    • certification of airworthiness, training, maintenance and overhaul, design and production organisations
    • mutual recognition of international military airworthiness authorities
  • Upkeep of the military aircraft registry
  • Certification of military aviation systems
  • Oversight and certification of above mentioned organisations