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Hornet ilmasta maahan -aseistuksessa

Air Force Command Finland

Air Force Command Finland (AFCOMFIN), at Jyväskylä–Tikkakoski, is the command headquarters of the Commander of the Air Force, and in that capacity is responsible for the direction of Finland's air defense under normal conditions and during times of crises.

Under the direction of the Air Force Commander, AFCOMFIN staff prepares all significant matters that have an effect across the service, and allocates necessary resources. AFCOMFIN coordinates cooperation between the Air Force and the Army, Navy, Border Guard, and other authorities, and oversees and manages the Air Force's international cooperation with the purpose of attaining objectives that serve national military defense.

AFCOMFIN also exercises direction over  arrangements for the monitoring and securing of Finland's territorial integrity, and manages the production of air picture for an integrated air defense system.

Air Force Command Organization

At the helm of AFCOMFIN is the Chief of Staff, with the Chief of Air Force Operations as his deputy.

The organization comprises Administrative, Personnel, Operations, Plans, Logistics, and C4IS Divisions; Flight Safety, Public Affairs, and Legal Sections, and an Air Operations Centre.

Air Operations Centre — Focal Point for Direction of Air Defense

The Air Operations Centre (AOC) is comparable to the other AFCOMFIN divisions and as such is subordinated to the Chief of Staff.

The AOC exercises the highest-level direction of Finland's air defense and, among its other tasks, is responsible for the monitoring and securing the integrity of the nation's airspace.