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Varusmies seisoo taisteluvarustuksessa, Hornet-monitoimihävittäjä taustalla.


As a Conscript in Karelia Air Wing

In Karelia Air Wing the main responsibility of the conscript training is in the Force Protection Flight. The annual number of conscripts in the Force Protection Flight varies between 220 and 240.

The main training branch of the Force Protection Flight is the infantry which consists of protection and military police groups. The main task for the trained teams is to protect the Air Force combat bases.

Some of The Force Protection Flight's Conscripts are trained for various support and maintenance tasks, such as assistant mechanics, drivers and medics. Training areas are located near the garrison, including the shooting ranges. Some of the combat exercises and combat shootings are carried out at the Sotinpuro shooting range.

The basic training phase lasts 6 weeks, which gives the competency of the soldier’s basic skills. Conscripts are selected after the basic training phase for various tasks, according to which the service period is determined. The tasks are based on the mass production plan. The conscript's personal wishes and suitability for various tasks are also taken into consideration. The most qualified conscripts of the incoming contingent are selected for the leadership training.

More than a half of the conscripts of the incoming contingents of the Karelian Air Wing are ordered either to leader or to crew positions, with a service period of 347 days or 255 days. Leadership training which is either Non-commissioned Officer Course or Reserve Officer Course, and part of maintenance training, are organized in other brigade-level units. After these courses, conscripts return to the Force Protection Flight. After the special-training phase, the unit training phase begins. During this period the conscripts train in their wartime tasks according to the mass production.