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Finland hosts Norway and Sweden at Arctic Fighter Meet 2018

Lapland Air Command
Publication date 11.6.2018 10.39
Press release

Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Air Force take part in the Arctic Fighter Meet (AFM) 2018 held at Rovaniemi Air Base from 25 to 29 June.

Suomen Hornet ja Norjan kaksi F-16 -hävittäjää ilmassa

The aim of the Arctic Fighter Meet exercises organized regularly since 2003 is to familiarize young combat pilots to international air exercises and to fly air-to-air combat training missions with different types of adversaries. AFM exercises also enhance Nordic Defense cooperation and to develop the participants’ international cooperation capabilities and readiness to perform Cross Border air-to-air Combat Training (CBT) in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The flight operations of AFM 18 take place from Rovaniemi Air Base in the Finnish airspace. The aircraft fleet participating in the exercise consists of four Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Hornet multi-role fighters and two Hawk advanced jet trainers, four Norwegian Air Force F-16 multi-role fighters and four Swedish Air Gripen multi-role fighters.