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Dassault Aviation conducts cold weather tests at Rovaniemi Air Base

Lapland Air Command
Publication date 28.1.2019 13.22
Press release

The French defence and aerospace company Dassault Aviation deploys a Rafale multi-role fighter to Rovaniemi Air Base for a cold weather testing event on Monday 28th January.

Ranskan ilmavoimien Rafale-hävittäjä Rovaniemellä ACE17-harjoituksessa

A French Air Force Rafale multi-role fighter at Rovaniemi Air Base in May 2017 during ACE17. Photo: Finnish Air Force.

Scheduled for the coldest time of the winter in Lapland, the testing event lasts for approximately one week. The tests measure the fighter’s performance in sub-zero temperatures. The cold weather testing event includes engine run-up tests and taxiing on the flight line. However, also a few flights may be included.

Lapland Air Command hosts Dassault Aviation’s cold weather testing event at Rovaniemi Air Base. However, no Finnish Air Force flight operations will be associated with the tests. Carried out by the French defence and aerospace company, the testing event is not a part of the HX fighter programme, designed to find the replacement for Finnish Air Force’s current F/A-18 fleet.