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Finnish Air Force to fly training missions with the Swedish Air Force from 9 to 12 December

Air Force
Publication date 9.12.2019 15.21
Press release

The Finnish Air Force will train identification procedures together with the Swedish Air Force. The training objective is to improve interoperability between Finland and Sweden.

The Finnish Air Force will operate with two Boeing F/A-18 Hornet multi-role fighters from their home bases and Visby airfield on the island of Gotland. The Swedish Air Force will participate in training missions with one to two aircraft. Combined waves will be conducted in the airspace of Finland and Sweden and in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

The training missions are part of the bilateral cooperation between Finland and Sweden covering, among other things, visits to air bases and training areas in the other country's territory. Earlier, the Finnish Air Force has operated from Gotland, for example, in 2016 when service support training was carried out to enhance maintenance activities and flight operations in a base environment without fixed material and equipment needed to support the operations of Hornet multirole fighters.