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Hanki 24 exercise to close Norvatie in Rovaniemi on 28.2.–1.3.2024

Lapland Air Command
Publication date 13.2.2024 11.24 | Published in English on 28.2.2024 at 10.16
Press release
F/A-18 Hornet taking off from a highway strip in winter conditions
Lapland Air Wing will use the Norvatie highway strip during Hanki 24

The Finnish Air Force is organising the national air exercise Hanki 24 between 26 February and 2 March 2024. Rovaniemi will be one of the main operating bases of the exercise. The Norvatie highway strip will be taken into use for the exercise and traffic will be rerouted.

Road 9523 Norvatie along the highway strip is closed to traffic from 28 February 6 pm to 1 March 2024 6 pm.

Detour: Norvatie - Sign for detour - Lentokentäntie - Sodankyläntie // Sodankyläntie - Lentokentäntie - Sign for detour - Norvatie 

There will be signs for the detour and traffic diverted from the Norvatie roadblocks. The detour adds 5-10 minutes to travel time for the section of the road.

Vehicles over 4 metres in height to use the detour must contact Rovaniemi Air Traffic Control (tel. 016 363 6612). Driving in this case will only be allowed with Air Traffic Control authorisation. Authorisation can be granted when no air traffic from the north is approaching runway 21. The estimated waiting time is 15 minutes.

Authorities carrying out emergency duties will be able to access the highway strip. If driving through the strip is necessary, emergency vehicles are requested, when feasible, to give prior notice to Lapland Air Wing Security (tel. 0299 210 051).

Driving to and from buildings along road 9523 will be allowed. Only the section of Norvatie along the highway strip will be completely closed to traffic and the public. 

The road section may open to traffic before the closure officially ends, depending on the exercise status. In case the road is reopened to traffic earlier, Lapland Air Wing will inform the public via social media (X: @Laplsto, Facebook: Lapinlennosto).

Areas used for training in Rovaniemi and Pudasjärvi 

Lapland Air Wing has made a decision based on Sections 14 and 15 of the Act on the Defence Forces to take property into temporary use for military exercise activities of the Defence Forces and to restrict movement on the training areas of Hanki 24. The decision applies to the areas in Rovaniemi and Pudasjärvi used for the Defence Forces’ training on 26.2.-2.3.2024. 

There will be troops moving in the area and public movement may be restricted. Residents of the training area can get to their homes and cottages as usual, but they should be prepared for identity checks and access control and have their IDs readily available when moving in the area.

Yleistiedoksianto – Lapin lennoston päätös 21.12.2023 (Hanki 24 -harjoitusalueet Rovaniemellä ja Pudasjärvellä)

Additional information: Lapland Air Wing Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Petteri Puusa, [email protected], tel. +358 (0)299 800 switchboard

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