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Contact Information

Karelia Air Command
P.O. Box 5 FI-70901 TOIVALA

Telephone +358 299 800 (operator)

Freight terminal

[email protected] (for official contacts)
[email protected]

Postal address for conscripts

Force Protection Flight
P.O. Box 5 FI-70901 TOIVALA

Conscript committee

Commanders of Karelia Air Command

  • Air Command Commander, Colonel Aki Puustinen
  • Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Tomi Böhm
  • Secretary to commanders, Niina Rönkkö
  • Commandant of Siilinjärvi–Kuopio installation, Captain Marko Leinonen

Public Affairs
Public Affairs Officer Niina Pirskanen

Email addresses in format first name.last [email protected]

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Cobra Warrior 23 to strengthen the...

SVY etusivun nostot

Monitoring and Securing of Finland's...


Publication   The Military Aviation Authority Finland issues military aviation regulations, advisories and notices.   The regulatory publications translated into English are highlighted and...

Contact Information

  Military Aviation Authority  P.O. Box 30 FI-41161  TIKKAKOSKI Telephone +358 299 800 (switchboard) E-mail  [email protected]

Sotilasilmailusta Ammatti

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><root available-locales="fi_FI" default-locale="fi_FI"><Description language-id="fi_FI">&lt;p>Sotilasilmailusta Ammatti- tapahtumassa on esillä maanäyttelyssä...

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Lapland Air Command Lapland Air Command is one of the Air Force's two operational fighter...

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Karelia Air Command is in Continuous Readiness As an operational unit of the Air Force, Karelia Air Command is in continuous readiness to exercise command and control of air operations. Its...

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Air Defense Training on the Ground and in the Skies The Air Force Academy is the sole Air Force unit with a primary educational and training role, and in that capacity it provides...

SVY About us

Enabler of Safe Military Aviation The Military Aviation Authority, Finland (FIMAA) oversees and regulates military aviation in Finland. Our core tasks are Certification of new military...

Satakunnan lennosto - Tietoa meistä EN

The air command supports air force combat by executing various supporting air missions, undertaking research and development, and maintaining continued availability of air bases across southern...