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Lapland Air Wing

Lapland Air Wing is one of the Air Force's two operational fighter wings. Its primary mission is to monitor and safeguard the airspace of Finland and adjoining areas around the clock.

Most flying takes place during office hours when the air wing's fighters may be spotted streaking across the skies of the northern provinces of Lapland, Kainuu, and Northern Ostrobothnia.

Working with other Defence Forces units, Lapland Air Wing trains conscripts, active duty personnel, and reservists, making full use of motivating training programs that produce skilled and professional members for the air wing's various tasks, both in peacetime and during various contingencies. The air wing also helps other authorities in their tasks when necessary.

The area of responsibility of Lapland Air Wing extends over the provinces of Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia, and Kainuu. All together, these cover nearly one-half of Finland's airspace.